The Risks Factors And Financial Impacts A New Product Launch Essay

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The risks factors and financial impacts a new product launch can have on a company can be significant, and every aspect of this product launch needs to be reviewed in detail in order to ensure not only the successful launch of a new product but, the longevity and success of Netgear as a company. Before putting our newly designed router into production, we will look at the financial impact it will have on Netgear as a whole company, as well as looking into possible risk factors and how to address those risks.
In a study conducted by the Association of International Product Marketing and Management (2010) it was found that when surveying 280 product executives “50 percent or less of their organization’s product launches over the last three years were successful in terms of attained profit, revenue, or market share goals”. While I do agree that the employees and engineers of Netgear should be allowed to experiment and part of experimentation is failing, there are risks that we can identify early on in the process, and mitigate these risks to increase the percentages of Netgear attaining their profit, or market share goals. There are many potential risks when launching our new router beginning with the timing and scheduling. The time of this new router launch is to be in retail stores on Monday November 21st 2016. It is crucial for this product to launch on this date for two reasons, first Linksys our competitor company will also be launching their new routers on this date, as

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