The Risks Healthcare Providers Experience And The Impact Cloud Computing

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The study by Glasberg et al (2014) analyzes the risks healthcare providers experience and the impact cloud computing has in using the new technologies. Focusing on overall risk management, the study takes a holistic approach, where the research focuses both on human and organizational aspects. Using interviews as a form of data collection, the authors categorize risks and assesses impact from 2 perspectives; supply (S) and information systems (IS) as shown in the table 1 below. Table 1 Risk Risk Type Impact Failure of IT infrastructure or some parts: IS Disrupts flow of information and general workflow. Hacking or Trojan viruses: IS Data can be damaged or even be copied Application systems cannot be availed: IS Limits the availability of diagnostic images. Theft of Data: Criminal activities could hurt reputation of the institution. Incorrect entries as a result of poor software ergonomics: IS Patients can receive inappropriate healthcare. Loss of power: S Emergency power cannot be used for long, this can breakdown in services. According to Glasberg et al (2014), health care providers encounter risks and crisis as a result of the impact felt with the paramount application of cloud computing practices. The authors established the mixed reality model, which concentrated much on the relationship that binds the human resources, information systems, supply and healthcare together. The authors clearly stated that new processes will never obtain perfection,
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