The Risks Of A Computer

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FAQ Written by Richard B Simmons C.S.O. SAFE NETWORKING Below is a listing of FAQs (frequently asked questions) the N.O.C. gets about network safety and how to guard systems. 1. What are risks to a network? a. There are numerous types of dangers that can happen in a computer network. Threats can be spyware, virus’s worms and computer vulnerability. Security threats have become more technical, better organized and harder to detect (Cross, 2012). There are procedures that can be put in place to decrease the exposure and harm that can be done by these dangers. These procedures are talked about in the frequently asked questions below. 2. What the risks to a computer connected to a network? a. Computers on the network are exposed to security…show more content…
5. Ways to protect a home network? a. The first step to securing Wi-Fi is to change the default username and password router and use WPA or WPA2 encryption. Use an antivirus program and run updates. Another security measure is to not broadcast the WI-FI SSID (service set identifier). The manufacturer sets up the default SSID which hackers can use to identify the model and break in to after looking the model up on the web. Make sure the computers that attach to the network are up to date with the latest security and software updates, and scan USB and external devices with security software (NSCA, 2015). 6. What are some recommendations for a strong password? a. A strong password makes it harder for the hacker to break in to a system. All electronic places needing a password requires a strong password. To meet the standards of a strong password are as follows: at least eight characters long, contains a number, a capital letter, a symbol and lower case letters. Do not use personal identifiable information such as names of children or spouse. Passwords are not supposed to be written but If a password must be written down, do not label it password and keep it secure (Microsoft, 2015) 7. What are some ways to protect individual computers? a. Updating network computers frequently is a way to guard the computer. Websites that are deemed questionable should not be accessed. An antivirus software and antispyware should be used for
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