The Risks Of Emerging Technologies

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As technology becomes more advanced, a user can experience the benefits of such technology. Some of the many benefits of new technology include better living, less work having to be done for a given task, and the ability to connect with others much faster. However, if the user is not careful, new technology can also harm the user. This article will explain the risks of emerging technologies by looking at three specific examples of emerging technology and the risks associated with them. The technologies that will be discussed are, Smarthomes, RFIDs, and 3-D printers.

A Smarthome is a term for the appliances that are found in the home that can be controlled from apps on a smartphone (Smarthome, n.d.). This means that a user can use his/her phone to connect to home appliance such as their washroom, kitchen, television, security system, and even thermostat. This type of technology beneficial to the users because it allows the user to access almost everything in his/her home at the convenience of being in one place. However, this type of technology does present risks, and the three risks that will be further discussed are misplaced phones, and hackers.
Since there are many different companies providing different appliances, there will be a need for different apps for the different appliances. For example, your appliances in your kitchen will require one app, appliances in your washroom will require another app, and appliances in your living room will…
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