The Risks Of Jan 's Art Studio Essay

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Jan’s Art Studio is an art studio and school located in Bastrop, LA. Jan’s has a variety of risks due to their status as a service business that deals with flammable and potent chemicals. This report aims to explain the risks that Jan’s faces and how to best deal with the risks. The risks can be controlled, retained, and/or transferred, and the risks can be classified based on their categories such as: Property, Liability, Employee Injury, Death or Disability of a Key Person, and Market Risk. I will also recommend various treatment methods, if applicable, and will list the risks’ severity and frequency of loss.

Jan’s Art Studio began in 1988 as a hobby of the studio’s owner, Jan Zakrzewski. Jan loves to paint and loves teaching people how to paint. She, along with daughter, both teach classes at her studio, and she often invites other professional artists to teach classes and workshops at her studio. Jan’s Art Studio has one location in Bastrop, LA. The building the studio occupies is a brick and Mordor building with three entrances or exits, and it is on a corner lot next to an intersection. The lot has two entrances, one on McCreight Street and another on Cherry Ridge Road. The building is roughly 2000 square feet and sits on half an acre of land.

Jan uses her studio to employee her friends and family so she did not interview her employees since she knew them before she hired them. Jan has four full-time workers, including herself,

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