Essay on The Risks of Dieting

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When it comes to dieting, most people fail. When it comes to dieting, rather it’s a reasonable or radical, some would say they have tried them all. People spend hundreds of dollars every day trying to lose weight as quick as possible. It marks people's minds as meal replacements used to loose a quick couple of pounds when it is far from that for most people. Dieting is most likely to have serious consequences with a person and their body. Dieting is risky and unhealthy because it destroys the metabolisms ability to function, it mentally confuses people, it throws off the balance of nutrients, proteins and other natural substances your body needs, and it also makes people fat. Many people diet because they want to quickly lose weight.…show more content…
This is due to the fact that once they lose the weight and go back to their old ways, they gain that weight back if not more causing them to diet again. This is known as yo-yo dieting which is losing weight, putting it back on, losing it again and so on, which is bad for your health. “If you suddenly reduce your food intake, your body, because it is designed for survival, will slow down your metabolic rate in order to store energy more efficiently” (Best Health 2). If dieting worked you’d only have to do it once. Having to resort to the yo-yo form of dieting with any diet is harmful to your body and mental state. Dieting doesn’t allow you to change your eating habits to sustain your weight. Constant dieting makes your set metabolism point break do to the on-and-off dieting and changes you’re making to your body. “Weight loss in dieting is is a forty billion dollar industry” ( 1). If dieting worked companies like Weight Watchers, Atkins, and Jenny Craig would be self terminating.They’re like the medical industry that has no cures, just setbacks on illness. There is no money that can be made on healthy people with healthy weight, sizes, and bodies. Instead of focusing on the negative aspects of dieting, there are facts that proves good dieting works. The aspects of dieting include: people learning how to diet, how to control their diet and metabolism rate during

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