The Ritual Core Of Fascist Theatre

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Fascism and Rituals : History has revealed a close connection between theatrical presentation of rituals and dictatorial politics. Rituals are acts which are meant to connect to the very core of the human soul , the centre of his most elementary being . Naturally , any fascist dictatorial politics tries to exploit rituals as a mass-medium to perpetuate it’s ideology. A fascist regime consolidates its authority not only by military power but also by popular consensus and use of ritualistic theatre plays a major role in manufacturing consensus. Gunter Berghaus in his essay “The Ritual Core of Fascist Theatre : An Anthropological perspective” pointed…show more content…
Firstly, on a political level, the language leads the audience towards an apparently non-political spiritual arena but in the process blinds the aboriginal audience to the political project of Ramon. Secondly, on a personal level, the mystical language is an expression of the will to power of Ramon and through him of his creator, Lawrence as well. Albright about the connection between language and personality commented that those “aspects of literary act which are the most physical, the deliberate choice of figures of speech, the choice of words ………….. are the aspects most like the glossy shell of the physical body or the ego”. (Albright 53) So , by mystification of language in the Hymns, Ramon intentionally wishes to annihilate his benign social personality as well as the rational aspect of his mind and to metamorphose into all-powerful Quetzalcoatl, the Omnipotent leader. For Lawrence too, in language of the Hymns his previous contradictions between Spirit and Flesh, between reason and instinct can be temporarily reconciled, at least within fragile boundary of an work of art and he can enjoy his “Morning Star”( PS 355) for the time…show more content…
However, the men’s “standing erect” does not negate their inferior status compared to the leader. Their physical strength will just be exploited by perpetrators of the cult to subdue any political opposition. In a word, they will be made to act as pawns in the dictatorial venture of Ramon and Cipriano. As women cannot provide that manpower they are unnecessary and “may sit”. In this context, Ramon’s indifferent attitude towards his wife, Carlota should be noted when she, being a devout Christian, frenziedly opposes consecration ceremony of Quetzalcoatl inside the previously Christian Church. Ramon’s indifferent attitude towards Carlota is both a rejection of her womanhood as well as her different religious faith thereby reconfirming the alignment between patriarchy and dictatorial politics in Lawrence’s ideology of that time. Kate being a woman herself quickly fathoms the male-chauvinism in Ramon’s

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