The Ritual Of Marriage Essay

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Marriage is universal; in fact, all cultures have social or legal contracts that join two or more people in matrimony. The ritual of marriage is religious to some individuals, signifying a divine covenant with another, while to others marriage is a secular contract. This particular ritual has fluctuated between the two throughout generations and cultures. Historically, these matrimonial contracts solidified alliances and were frequently arranged by entire families or even nations. While these matrimonial alliances are still widely practiced throughout the world today, a majority of marriages in western countries espouse for other reasons. Whether Americans marry for procreation, wealth, or love, the rituals that dramatize the important themes in our modern society have evolved into a multibillion dollar industry. The economically fortunate often hire wedding planners to organize an extravagant ceremony, dinner, and party envious to all attendees. Alas, even those on tight budgets will spend well above their means for a beautiful and memorable night. While many couples dramatize the themes of love, family, and celebration, the ritual of matrimony has progressed into an increasingly elaborate affair. Contemporary brides show heightened desire to have perfection on their special day, desperately seeking the most beautiful dress, unique decorations, and an unparalleled ceremony and reception. This dramatizes modern themes in American society of competition, individuality, social
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