The Rituals Surrounding The Death Of A Slave

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Margaret Lee
TRS 325
The rituals surrounding the death of a slave in Christianity.
Slavery has existed for many centuries in Christianity as part of the social environment. Both the Old and New Testament (Bible) regarded it as a just practice while many individuals opposed it. This is in turn has developed an intense conflict between whether or not slavery is considered wrong. Regardless though, the effects it had on slaves continuously changed as time passed. Slavery was very popular among many Christian practicing regions and slave practices were performed in their own unique way.
African American (Christian) Slaves
African Americans have a long history with slavery in America. Many were brought over from their homeland through the slave trade and other means of transportation. During this time, the outlook on slavery was different. White supremacy held authority over African Americans because of their skin color and were considered property. The relationship between slave and slave owner was never at a balancing point, as power between the two were always imbalanced. It was during this time where slaves were put on the cotton fields, worked in houses, and various plantations. Treatment for these slaves was never good, as they were whipped, beaten, sold to other slave owners, and sometimes killed. Despite these conflicts, many of these slaves practiced some form of religion. Many slaves converted or were forced to convert to the religion their owner practiced.
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