The Ritz Carlton Hotel Company

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Luxury, class, and style at its finest, the Ritz-Carlton Hotel company has remained to this day a well-known and spoken ambiance for those seeking a stay unlike any other. Behind all of that external awe is the working, ever-changing and progressive movement for being better than the rest. However, like any work in progress, there are bound to be problems that need solving in order to maintain that thriving entitlement. The Ritz-Carlton faced a couple of problems including its seven- day countdown training program and the change in its working processes.
With the opening of a new hotel, providing the best service is daunting when expectations are high on top of expecting a high occupancy. That said, the program should be altered which would require a new design and brand however implementing a longer training time would ensure proper training.
Statement of the Problem
The manager, Mr. James McBride deals with the problem of facing a difficult decision regarding its usual operating procedures in the process of opening a new hotel. Brian Collins from Millennium Hospitality Group is concerned that seven days is not enough time to properly train the new Ritz Carlton stuff in order to open the hotel with a higher occupancy rate of 80%. Due to the fact that Mr. Collins is a partner with the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Mr. McBride has to consider a few different questions as to whether or not he should consider Mr. Collins’s input in the matter. Some of those considerations include the

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