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Company case 13: The Ritz

The Ritz Carlton features luxury hotels and five-star resorts worldwide: from America to the Middle East, and from Europe to Asia. With an unshakeable credo and a corporate philosophy of an unwavering commitment to service, the hotel has won countless rewards and has been recognized with numerous awards for being the gold standard of hospitality.

QUESTION 1: Most people see a Ritz Carlton hotel as a swanky building on a prime site, such as London’s Picadilly, but is the structure the essence of the hotel chain’s success?

Whereas a product marketer works with tangible products: things that can be tasted, heard and seen in advance – a service marketer does not. As is clear of the manual (Kotler P,
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Customers like to see things right from the first time. Service quality will always vary, depending on the interactions between employees and customers. Problems will inevitably occur, mistakes are a critical part of every service. When things go wrong, customer complaints are an oppurtunity for companies to remedy poor service. Good service recovery can turn angry customers into loyal ones, therefore companies should takes steps to not only provide good service every time, but also to recover from service mistakes when they do occur.
One of the first steps to good service recovery is to empower front-service employees (Kotler) – that is, to give them the authority, responsibility and incentives they need to recognise, care about and tend to customer needs. Empowered employees can act quickly and effectively to keep service problems from resulting in lost customers.
At Ritz Carlton, employees are taught to do everything they can to never lose a guest. There’s no negotiating at Ritz Carlton when it comes to solving customer problems, staff learns that anyone who receives a complaint owns that complaint until it is resolved. They are trained to drop whatever they are doing to help a customer, no matter what they are doing or what their department is. Ritz Carlton employees are empowered to handle problems on the spot, without consulting higher ups. Each employee can spend up to €2000 to redress a guest grievance, and
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