The River Between, by Ngugi wa Thiong'o

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Waiyaki is a young man who tackles the responsibility of mending the two ridges of Makuyu and Kameno that separated because of the religious of Christianity. The River Between, written by Ngugi wa Thiong’o, captures the ramifications of the white men religions and its effects on the two mountain ridges, that is separated by the Honia river, while the story surrounds around Waiyaki as he blossoms. In the story, Waiyaki, also known as The Teacher, is a strong, gallant young man that believes in the old ritual ways of the original tribe; however he conjointly intermingles with the white man’s teachings. Waiyaki attempts to bring learning of the white men, not their religions, into the old tradition way and fails miserably. Overall, the people…show more content…
Waiyaki can be described as brave and having strong leadership along with his father, Chege, who also kept to himself when the tribe countered him. Chege once told the tribe about the white men coming over to take over the land, but the elders ignored him and ever since then Chege kept to himself. The relationship between the two seems almost like a business relationship. Waiyaki knows his father and know that he is an important man but sometimes he fear his father. Like for example, Waiyaki is called to Chege’s man hut and the book describe Waiykai strong and bold. The only time he felt any connection was when they took a journey out to the sacred grove to talk about Waiyaki’s next step after his circumcision event of becoming a man. Waiyaki even felt that “Chege had laid his bare soul for a second” (59) to tell him about his main goal on that journey. On the other hand, Joshua, his is shown as strict and very close to the “white men religion.” He is against his old ways and the tribe ways, such as circumcision of males and females. He has two daughters, Nyambura and Muthoni. Nyambura is obedient to her father and mother. Whatever her father says goes. On the other hand, Muthoni is the completely opposite. She stands up for what she believes, which is being circumcised that will make her a woman. Yet, she still believes in the religion her father believes in, which is Christianity. However, her fate said
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