The River Merchant's Wife A Letter By Li Apa Summary

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I will be comparing excerpts from ‘The River Merchant’s Wife: A Letter’ by Li Po and “The Death of the Ball-Turret Gunner’ by Randall Jerrell. The speakers in each excerpt are creating serious and solemn dream-like worlds that convey their misery over being abandoned to suffer impending death alone. Imagery in both excerpts is used differently to describe death as being either immediate as in Jarrell’s poem or approaching as in Li Po’s. The major difference between the speakers in each excerpt is the use of alliteration;.the speaker in Jarrell’s poem uses assonance and consonance effectively to carry the emotional load created by the dark imagery, however, a loss in translation must be considered with regard to the speaker’s voice n Li Po’s poem. Both excerpts utilize a fractured form to allow for the imagining of their life outside of the world depicted by their words while maintaining the impact of the existence loneliness in their life and the misery of dying alone. In Jarrell’s poem the speaker dies at the end. Therefore, images like “hunched in its belly” to show that he is like fallen prey and waking to “black flack” and “nightmare fighters” to show that he is in immediate danger are used to prepare us for the speaker’s inevitable death. In contrast, the speaker in Li Po’s poem uses images like “leaves fall early this autumn” and “already yellow this August” to imply that death is approaching but not near enough for portents of doom. Yet, the poems are very
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