The Rizal Law and It's Significance Today

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JOURNAL ASSESSMENT: THE RIZAL LAW AND IT'S SIGNIFICANCE TODAY My initial ideas about the Rizal law was that it was another uninteresting legislative document that needs to be understood and memorized. Being a teenager, that's my way of thinking. I figured that since it is a law, it will tackle all about technicalities and provisions. I also thought that the Rizal Law was made for the sole purpose of perpetuating the name and works of our national hero. I was partly wrong. As I read the Rizal Law, I was correct about it tackling about provisions and technicalities. At the same time, I proved myself wrong with my assumptions of the Rizal Law being uninteresting. More so, I was able to have a better grasp and understanding of what it is to…show more content…
It can also serve as an aid to the studies of the students. The Noli Fili Bill and the Rizal Bill was created for the filipino people. It was done for the best interests of everyone and no other reason. The aim of the bill and the law are the same but it's means of executing the provisions are different. So it gives me an idea that even if these two are connected to each other, they're still two separate things. Well, I learned that you really can't please everyone. In something that you do, no matter how good the argument is, no matter how logical and needed it is, someone will always be there to give a rebuttal. Like in the battle for the enforcement of the bill into a law, it took such a long time to be processed and approved. The debate between Claro M. Recto and Senator Rodrigo was proof that not everyone had the same views on the bill. Claro was able to rebutt all of the arguments of Sen. Rodrigo. An example is when Senator Rodrigo said, "It was not necessary to have read the novels of Rizal in order to venerate him, that Rizal would still be a hero even if he had not written his books. It was because of the sufferings that he endured that he became our national hero.” and he answered, "For what would Sen. Rodrigo honor Rizal if he had not written the Noli and El Fili? If Rizal had not written the two books, the Spaniards would not have made him suffer; they would not have
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