The Road And City Of Thieves

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Everyday people are put into tough situations, and how they get past these situations is up to them. The choice is to overcome these challenges or give up and let the challenge triumph. Cormac Mccarthy’s novel The Road, takes place in a post apocalyptic world in the present day. With ash covering the land, cannibal groups roaming and freezing temperatures, a father and son manage to stay strong and survive. The father’s main goal is to keep his innocent scared son alive, and teach him life lessons while doing so. David Benioff’s novel City of Thieves, occurs during World War II while the Nazis are invading Russia. The two men who begin as strangers, have to perform a near impossible task to be able to keep their lives. They must hide from Nazis, survive the harsh winter and have the faith to complete their task. Both The Road and City of Thieves demonstrate that people can overcome difficult situations by having faith, and keeping strong relationships. For starters, The Road displays that people can overcome tough situations by having faith and never giving up. A father and son in the novel are forced to survive and adapt to a new way of living that includes, searching for food and shelter to survive, and always being on the lookout for evil people. Never giving up, and having faith in these tough situations is how the pair survive and live the best life possible. The man in the novel always believed in never giving up, and to keep moving forward. After days without food

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