The Road, By Cormac Mccarthy, And On The Beach

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Comparative Essay The way the human mind operates is a mystery to all. Through thinking that the mind is something that can be comprehended humans have created the art of psychology and psychiatry, where the inner machinations of one’s mind are turned into nothing more than phrases and terms. Between every person there lies a sense of morality, no matter who. The sense of morality is not the same though, as children we learn to feel pain and suffering as others do, and to put the shoes of others on. In the end, it seems, that almost all people brought up well as children, turn out to be the people considered to have a strong sense of morality and can feel what pains some must endure. Though the way being brought up does not define a…show more content…
Regardless, the journey south continues where they find a house, full of valuables for the cold weather that the boy and father are able to garner. In this short time a group of cannibals arrive to the house they are in, and it is revealed that they are keeping a hoard of humans locked up in a cellar to feast on. Though the father is not as shocked as he would have liked to have been, the boy is absolutely horrified and is the key moment where the boy realizes that the world truly is dead. Both the father and son are able to sneak out of the house undetected, and are forced to wait in a bush near the house to keep from alerting anyone inside of their presence. Once they get back on the road, they stumble upon a patch of land full of apples, and a barn, which has fresh water stored underneath it. The spoils of their journey does the job in refreshing both the father and son, and gets them to their next destination. Arriving at a house that the father has decided they will camp at, he goes to do some exploring. In the exploring he manages to find a bomb shelter, never before plundered for its goods. The father and the boy load their cart full with food and wait a few days to spoil themselves at the bomb shelter. Once back on the road they run into an old man whom does not mean trouble unlike every other character in the road, but instead is seemingly lifeless and
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