The Road By Cormac Mccarthy

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L’Heureux II, John Lang and Lit Year 2 2/10/2017 Written Task 2 Title of the text for analysis: The Road by Cormac McCarthy,2006 Part of the course to which the task refers: Part 4- Literature, a critical study Prescribed question: How does the text conform to, or deviate from, the conventions of a particular genre, and for what purpose? My critical response will: ● Show how the text conforms to the post-apocalyptic genre. ● Show how resources, including basics such as food and water, are a scarcity. ● Show how the weakest suffer, with slavery a possibility, and human life is cheap. ● Show the weather is bad due to some nuclear fallout ● Show how morals are significantly less important when compared to personal survival. In the book, The…show more content…
“They had for food was a single can of peaches but h Meade the boy eat it and he would not take any.” (McCarthy, Pg. 230). Constantly struggling to find available food sources the two were, at times, left starving and without any idea where their next meal would come from. “We 've got to find something to eat, we have no choice.” (McCarthy, Pg. 106). Their resources were not only limited in terms of food but in basic necessities as well. They lacked some of the common items they needed to stay alive. “Where all was burnt to ash before them no fires were to be had and the nights were long and dark and cold beyond anything they 'd yet encountered. Cold to crack the stones. To take your life. He held the boy shivering against him and counted each frail breath in the blackness.” (McCarthy, Pg. 14) The man and boy had no way to create a warm environment for themselves giving the conditions they were living in. They then had to deal with the cold and the fact that they did not have as much as they needed to keep them warm. Giving the horrible living condition and scarcity of resources, the characters in this book had to have a certain level of strength to survive. The weak within the area had a lower chance of survival than those who were more strongly prepared. “The old man shook his head. I 'm past all that now. Have been for

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