The Road By Gonzalez And Daughter Trucking Co

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Family is the dependence for every child to rely on. In prison or the world of post-apocalypse, fathers stand significance roles to lead their remaining relatives and provide better lives for the kids in the future. Father represents the symbol of masculinity and the backbone of supporting the entire family despite the situation of the surrounding environment. The Road and Gonzalez and Daughter Trucking Co, these two novels’ fathers delineate the close bond between them and the children. The road develops into a symbol of the storylines in these novels which initiates the stories for the daughter and the son. Furthermore, the road can be defining as a track to seek for survival and a chance of education. Within these two novels, father’s love…show more content…
The road and her farther Joaquin, who was a college professor in the University of Mexico, reads her books while they transport old machines from the United States to Mexico. During her time in the prison, Libertad reads stories to her inmates, trying be like her father but with her personal life stories. Libertad’s father, Joaquin, was the only survivor when the military breaks into the university and tears down the entire school without exception. Although, Joaquin lost her wife due to the accidental shot by a stranger, he raised Libertad with the best education in the truck and provides her the knowledge in social studies for her in the future to live…show more content…
Although, both fathers took the position of the mother due to the death of both of moms; but, Joaquin’s love is similar to the Man with unconditional devotion to give their child the best to live with. One of the scenes in González and Daughter Trucking Co, when Libertad was young, her diaper drops into the mud. However, his father is apprehensive when he drops the diaper unintentionally. He picks up the diaper quickly and uses his tongue to lick off the germs being afraid that his daughter will get infected by the virus. Libertad recalls her memory, “The concept of germs was foreign to him. Perhaps that is why I’ve always enjoyed good health” (Escandón, p.95). Due to Joaquin’s anxiousness when he attempts to clean up the virus by his tongue, Libertad grows up as a healthy and diverse lady. Her father’s role becomes a model she looks up to and a significant figure that Libertad grow up
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