The Road Distance Of The South India

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Our next destination was Ooty or Udhagamandalam which is one of the most famous hill destinations of the South India. Any visit in the area seems incomplete without this jewel in the itinerary. So we had no intention of missing this must have destination. We decided to cover it over two days including the trip of famous mountain railway toy train on the second day. We left Chennai on night of 23rd December by Nilgiri Express and reached Mettupalayam by 6 in the morning. Mettupalayam is like a base town for the beautiful hill station that Ooty is. The road distance from Mettupalayam to ooty is about 40 kilometers and the journey takes about an hour and half if you can avoid the traffic and it seemed we were in luck. We had landed on the…show more content…
We spent some good moments there and proceeded forward towards our destination. Next, we passed through the Wellington Police Academy which is a known name throughout the country for producing some gallant police officers. The cordoned off area of academy with a giant gate was enough to envy those young officers being trained at one of the awesome locations.
As we passed through the Coonoor region which is almost midway between the base and destination, the scenery changed gradually to include tea plantations and while we were tempted to stop, we were reminded that this scene is going to be with us for most of the upcoming trip. In interest of getting ahead of the traffic, we decided to skip these plantations for something which we now know was worth the wait. We also stopped by for few moments at the Kattery Park on the way which is a children’s garden built in absolute beautiful surroundings. One would find it difficult to imagine the beauty that nature has on offer and one needs to be present there to realize it. As we had anticipated, avoiding traffic helped us move fast and we checked in our rest house by 8:30 AM. It was really a lovely accommodation surrounded by hills and nested in picturesque scenery. The toy train tracks passed a couple of feet from the building wall and we could literally shake hands with the passengers while still being in our room. The room was well
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