The Road Less Travelled

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RC Sproul "God has made us with a harmony of heart and head, thought and action. The more we know God, the more we are able to love God. The more we love Him, the more we seek to know Him." As you grasp what He does for you, you'll reflect what He expects. Growing and maturing in your ability to heed His warning signs culminates in worship - where we started! But not where He started! He loved you before the foundation of the world! It starts with Him, continues with Him, and finishes with Him. The only facet concerning you is which route you'll take? The wide path of destruction or the road less-traveled? READ TEXT

1. The road less traveled is CALLING you (v9)
Where other religions start with man serving God for the hope of finally getting to satisfy self, the beauty of Christianity is it starts with God seeking us and ends with us serving God. illy - the USS United States was ordered for construction in 1949 for 79 million (10 times that amount in todays economy). It was the fasted ocean liner to cross the Atlantic and the largest designed to date (able to carry 15,000 troops), but turned into a luxury liner solely for heads of state which reduced the capacity to just 2000 VIP's. The Bible says, 'god is not willing that any should perish." Jesus died for all people, not just the VIP's. Jesus is calling you to the road less-traveled. Jesus died for you to live - but not on a Cruise ship of Christianity living the American dream.

2. The road less traveled is CLOSE (v10)
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