The Road Not Taken

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My own Analysis of the poem “The Road Not Taken”
The poem “The Road Not Taken” is a piece of literature written by the American poet Robert Frost. Its genre is poetry. It is considered poetry because of its structure. It has a distinct numbered group of lines in verse normally called stanza.
The structure used in Robert Frost poem varies with different types of poetry and can be seen in the structural elements that it includes the line, couplet, and stanza. It is a straight forward series of five line stanzas and each stanza presents a single idea. Its form is a traditional poetry which is iambic pentameter, where each stanza has the same amount of lines. In the poem, it has five lines in every canto with twenty lines in all. This form of
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It shows here how our decision would affect us in the later years. If I am twenty two now and whatever road I take will probably impact my life as I reach thirty. "The Road Not Taken” reminds us of the consequences of the principle of selection in all aspects of life, namely that all choices in knowledge or in action exclude many others and lead to an ironic recognitions of our achievements.

There are three tenses of verbs used in the poem; the present, past, and future. The poem leads us to travel from present, going to the past after the present situation and directing us to the future. It started from a person who travels to take one road out of the two roads, going on to the experience of ‘what’ when the road to take was chosen and directs us to ‘what’ of next afterwards.
In the final stanza, the use of the word ‘shall’ signals the change of tense to future, we hear a different story, one that will be told "with a sigh" or one that will set out a deep audible breath of weariness or sorrow and "ages and ages hence" which means sometime or somewhere a long time later . At that imagined time and unspecified place, the voice will have nobly simplified and exalted the whole impetuous matter into a deliberate one of taking the "less travelled"
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