The Road Not Taken By Edgar Allan Poe And Robert Frost

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Edgar Allan Poe and Robert Frost influenced my thorough love of different styles of literature, particularly poetry. To the masses, Edgar Allan Poe and Robert Frost only share job titles, but the two poets share many similarities within their writing. Personally, I read pieces from both authors over the course of my schooling experience. I admired Robert Frost’s poem, “The Road Not Taken” from a young age, and that particular stole my heart since the first read. “The Raven,” became one of my favorite poems further down my schooling career, with its clear ominous tone that symbolizes much of Poe’s writing. Frost’s and Poe’s works may not seem similar, aside from the section in which their books reside within a library, but their work resembles each other’s quite well. Frost’s writing serves as a better introduction to poetry due to his easily relatable themes, his background connects to everyday audiences, and his use of modern language. The majority of Robert Frost’s poetry features a down-home, country, naturalistic tone. However, he reached for the dark sinister tone, reminiscent of Poe. In the poem, “The Witch of Coos,” Frost raises the hair on audience’s arms with the chilling imagery of an elderly woman keeping a secret. Within this poem, Frost explains the dark secret of the mother and son within the dialogue. Without giving away what events took place directly, Frost brings about a story which reminds audiences of campfire horror stories. Poe, on the other hand,
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