The Road Not Taken, By Robert Frost

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Robert Frost
In 1994, a major poet exploded in his work. This new growing author named Robert Frost, was born on March 26, 1874 in San Francisco. Frost spent his first forty years as an unknown person. With a journalist as a father, he gained an early experience in the world of writing. His talented ability and life experiences led him to England and back to America which resulted in making a famous name for himself in the poetic field. Like in “The Road Not Taken”, his poems are filled with symbols, imagery and creative wordplay in nature despite the fact he faced an extremely troubled life. Lines from the poem “The Road Not Taken” is still quoted constantly by many speakers,
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He faces many hardships in life such as death and indecision. He has to make many decisions regarding to his work, his poetry, his wife and his lifestyle. Lines four and five give the reader a metaphor for the future by the description of the road given. Just as in our lives we can only see down a crowded path in the woods for so long. We can only see into our own future for a short while as well. Just as Robert Frost saw Elinor as the love of his life and ended up getting rejected the first time he asked her to marry him. Little did Robert Frost know that his decision to move to England and gaining friendships over there developed him into becoming such a famous writer. Also, little did he know that the road of his life was going to contain many bumps along the way as he lost several of his kids and his loving wife. In line six, the speaker decides that he is going to take the second path which is just as interesting as the first. The speaker spent a long time looking down only one road. Line six could be looked as a metaphor for a rather sudden decision. For example, when continuously think about doing one certain thing for an extended amount of time but in the end do something totally different than planned. Just like setting out on a new path. We may not know why we did the things we did but we did think we would be just as happy with one choice as the other. This metaphor foreshadows Robert Frost’s life as he spent many years trying to grow

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