The Road Not Taken By Robert Frost

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Behind The Text Leah Cordier Ms. Paine Honor Tenth Grade Literature/Composition 14 December 2015 What is diction? The choice and use of words and phrases in writing. How does that affect a piece of literature? It creates and shapes it. What is structure? The complex construction of an arranged plan. How does structure relate to a poem? Structure in a pieces of literature, generates tension and deposition. "The Road Not Taken", is a poem published in the early 1950’s by Robert Frost. The poem is summarized into the decision one has to make in life, when approached with a cross road. While Frost might have just been lucky with his words, his choices allows readers to stimulate their mind into thinking. Frost relies on the structure of, "The Road Not Taken", as well as diction and imagery to reach his audience. Breaking down, "The Road Not Taken",the message that Frost tries to get across is that in life you have to face meaning challenges,obstacles that lead you to make life changing decisions. Frost himself commented that,” ‘The Road Not Taken"’ is a ‘tricky poem, very tricky’ ”. To understand and decode the poem, the reader needs to realize the literary devices within. Metaphors are used in the poem, to represent an allusion to situations people can relate to. The themes of, "The Road Not Taken", are individualism, caution and commitment and acceptance. By the speaker choosing to go his own way on the “road less traveled” shows his independence, while before deciding the

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