The Road Not Taken By Robert Frost

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The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost is a deep poem. This poem is an autobiographical poem of Frost’s life. However Frost’s first intention in writing the poem was not to be taken seriously. He had written it mocking one of his fellow writing acquaintances because of indecision incidents his acquaintance had made while they would go on walks together. However, when people read the narrative much more seriously than it was intended to be. One of those people that took it seriously was the same acquaintance it had been written for. Soon after that the poem was made famous, and today the poem is one of Robert Frost’s most successful and most famous pieces. Robert Frost is a man who uses literary devices to his advantage in trying to make his work better, devices such as symbolism, imagery, and rhyme scheme which he uses to express his thoughts through this poem, and he does so very well. The way the poem is written makes it have meaning behind it while it had been written in a joking manner. It is also quite easy to read and understand because of literary devices used within it. The Road Not Taken is a very famous poem, and it is for a great reason. Robert Frost uses literary devices in his poetry, his choice of literary devices enhance his writing and enhance his poems to better the understanding of the people that read his works. One of the major literary devices that Frost uses in his poem The Road Not Taken is symbolism. The main symbolism in the entire poem is the

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