The Road Not Taken By Robert Frost

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Robert Frost was a poet of the 19th and 20th century and his work had a great influence on the way poets of the future would write. Frost influenced poets through his work that contained simple ideas with deeper meanings. These ideas allowed for a different view on the world.

“The Road Not Taken” was written by Robert Frost in 1916. It was a literary work that displays the way in which Frost saw the world around him. His writing style allowed him to express his feelings towards his environment in a way that others could comprehend. Frost begins the poem describing a stroll through the forest. However, a conflict arises: there are two paths in which he can take. He immediately sets the scene of this poem through his vivid imagery in the first stanza. “Two Roads diverged in a yellow wood, and sorry I could not travel both” the reader is immediately faced with the image of a forest with yellow trees at a fork in the road. It supplies the us with vital information such as it being a month in Autumn with trees that have traded their green leaves for yellow. This use of imagery is to exemplify a point in life, Autumn can draw a connection with being mature and experienced, but also beginning to reach the points of being elderly at the time of winter. This can tie into the conflict that Frost faces in that there are two paths to take “and sorry I could not travel both” . This shows he wishes he had the time to experience both of these paths. This fork in the road symbolises

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