The Road Not Taken Poem Analysis

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Robert Frost poem The Road Not Taken is perhaps a hijacking of our mentality over literature and metaphors. The the first most important point to see is that his title is not The Road Less Traveled which we all wish it was because that's how we remember it but the reality is that it's called The Road Not Taken and that's where the irony begins because the reader impresses upon the poem his own feelings of individualism and emotions and imagines a poem that has a deeper meaning and more than just what the words are saying and the irony that Robert Frost is trying to give us is that his poem is a literal word by word telling of an event completely dry and motionless and factual and we as a reader trick ourselves into putting feelings and emotions into it. For instance he did not say the world The Road Less Traveled because if he had said that it would imply meaning, it would bring forth within that's the idea of self-determination Zone and things like the butterfly effect and that choices have deep and Lasting meaning and consequences no instead he said the road not taken which is a very factual empirical and flat description of an event. It's like saying one plus one equals two. But we all remember it up until this day as The Road Less taken or The Road Less Traveled and we keep thinking about his poem that way and that's why it is the most well-known poem in American literature because we have ourselves spun his very dull and uninterested poem into something amazing. and
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