The Road Not Taken' by Robert Frost: An Analysis

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The Road Not Taken Robert Frost Introduction On the surface of it, "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost presents a narrator who is remembering a journey through the woods, and the person making this journey came into a position where two roads were diverging. So the challenge presented in the poem is, which road should the narrator take, and why? Frost claimed that his poem was a parody of a poem by his friend, poet Edward Thomas, but others have had very different explanations for "The Road Not Taken." Thesis: "The Road Not Taken" is actually about choices we make in life and the importance of making good choices along the say. As "The Road Not Taken" begins there is regret expressed by the narrator that he can't travel on both of the two roads. He also describes one of the two roads as far as he could see down that road and in the second stanza it turns out the other road was "just as fair" and in fact may have been "the better claim" because clearly not many people had been down that other road. That second road seem to have "wanted wear" to the human eye, but by the time he started walking on that second road it was apparent that others had been there and had " 安orn them really about the same." By taking the second road he now sees (by the third stanza) that both of the roads were not heavily traveled, and so they appear to be pretty much the same. This part of the poem is viewed by literary critic Manorama B. Trikha as an example of how " 存ome important choices
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