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Throughout our daily lives and life in general, we are often faced with numerous decisions that are important, decisions that can, and often do, determine an unforeseen future. The choices, some virtually identical, lead to different destinies and at times leave us asking ourselves the question of "what if?". Hardly will there ever be signs telling us the way to go or the choice to make, even less so the correct choice to make; we must find out what lies ahead for ourselves. In the poem "The Road Not Taken," author Robert Frost relates to the us, the reader, such a choice in a symbolic way representing perhaps any major decision in life. The traveler in Frost's poem must blindly decide between two very similar paths, and this decision…show more content…
In an article written in “Frost, A Literary Life Reconsidered”, author William Pritchard explains that the narrator’s choice between the two roads was a matter of impulse and not a choice of careful decision making because of the emphasis the narrator puts on the similarities between the two roads. The narrator mentions how the roads are very similar a couple of times within the first three stanzas, the first by stating the roads “as just as fair” (line 6), followed by “Though as for that the passing there / Had worn them really about the same” (lines 9-10) finishing with the lines eleven and twelve, which say “both that morning equally lay / In leaves no step had trodden black.” One has to assume he studies both roads long enough until he can find any difference between them. He is faced with a decision, after all, and can’t proceed until he decides, so it as stated earlier he took much consideration as possible in making his choice. As we evaluate the symbolism, we can see that the roads passing through the woods are not just that but represent the roads that lead down many different paths in each of our lives. The caution showed by the narrator is expected and understood. When taking a closer look, one can see the differences that would result in different

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