The Road Of Success : Andrew Jackson

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The Road To Success Andrew Jackson was not, by the common meaning of the word, a good person. Jackson was the clear cause of the Trail of Tears, but it was for a good reason. Jackson was a slaveowner that didn’t free a single one of his slaves, but he fought for equality. Jackson is often looked upon as a horrible blemish dotting America’s history, but he was truly a shining light. Jackson is so widely hated today that he was recently moved to the back of the $20 bill over someone who wasn’t even a president. Luckily for Andrew Jackson, being a subpar person doesn’t mean that you won’t be one of the greatest presidents this country has ever seen, and this is one of those cases. Andrew Jackson was the only president to leave the country debt-free, and he was the first president to fight for the people’s rights. He stuck to his ideals, followed through on his promises, and had an incredible way of managing his relations with other countries. For these reasons: his economic improvements, his foreign policy, his outstanding popularity at the time, and his unwavering ideals, Jackson was by far the most successful president in United States History.
Andrew Jackson was the first President to speak for the common working class man instead of the wealthy elite, and he was able to successfully take the people’s side in the bank debate and founded the Democratic Party to fight for the people, and he was just so popular that he would’ve won an earlier term if the election didn’t
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