The Road Of The Dirt Essay

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The longer they drove, the slower Joker went and their stops became more frequent. The vegetation along the roads, left to itself, encroached on the pavement. If anyone had been that way on four wheels they had to have driven in the middle of the road. The gravel driveways were not only being edged out from the sides, weeds were sprouting from the middle as well, showing no signs of passage. The paved drives were less obvious. The men relied on dust and pollen settling on the blacktop, undisturbed these last months, to tell their tale. The few locked gates the seekers found were well decorated with spider webs. "If anyone is living out this way, they must never leave their place" Joker said pointing out the obvious. Trey agreed adding "They must already have everything they need". Scarletti listened to the felons while answering a call of nature. His target was a grayed, pressure treated, wood post, supporting a package sized mail box. Little of the galvanized finish still showed through all the rust, although the occupant 's name stood out in barely faded red paint. Speckles of blue and white paint were still visible from earlier labeling . The soldier felt the tug on his left boot, yelped while attempting to jump back. The skeletal hand remained clutched to the leather clad foot. All his weight was on his right foot as he leaned back away from his attacker. That was when he realized that his rifle was still in the car. The only thing the young

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