The Road Of The Revolutionary War

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It is far better to be alone than to be in bad company. The road of the revolution is about the navigation act of 1660, French and Indian war 1754-1663, Pontiac’s Rebellion and proclamation of 1763 {May 1736},The Sugar act 1764, The Stamp act 1765, Declaratory act 1764, The Boston Massacre 1770, Boston Tea party 1773, The Intolerable act 1774, are all components of the road of the revolutionary war. Each playing a vital role in the outcome of America its independent. While each conflict was important, The Navigation Act started it all. In 1650-1696 the British parliament passed. Navigation act the system was mercantilism. The items are sugar, cotton. The act used English ships to get and give goods. They taxed people unfairly they had to follow under the navigation Act rules. They smuggled things through the colonies overall by the British. The colonies defeated the Native Americans they attacked us. The colonies had to pay taxes for more safety and be protected. The French and Indian war began with a boom in 1754 an ended in 1763. This war was finally the end of France trying to get North American land. During this war the British defeated French, Native American and Spanish forces. The British left a perment army to protect the colonists. The British wanted to tax the colonists. To pay for protection but colonists didn’t like the taxation. They felt like they were independent. Finally they also believed that they didn’t have any representation.
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