The Road

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Why do you think McCarthy has chosen not to give his characters names? How do the generic labels of “the man” and “the boy” affect the way you /readers relate to them?

While reading The Road, a novel written by Cormac McCarthy, I was jerked from the warmth, comfort, and safety of my home and thrown into a cold, dark, and desolate world, walking alongside “the man” and “the boy”. McCarthy composes his work so graphically that readers are drawn right into the story. I believe Cormac McCarthy wanted the figures in this book to be universal, so that the reader could imagine him/her self as “the boy” or “the man” at any given moment, and to be able to feel as they do. To do this McCarthy did not designate the characters in his book with
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Now I feel that the thief is getting what he deserves. When they leave the thief standing in the road “the boy” becomes extremely upset, “And They set out along south with the boy crying and looking back at the nude and saltlike creature standing there in the road shivering and hugging himself.” “Oh Papa, he sobbed.”(McCarthy 258). I am now starting to feel the compassion the boy has towards the thief “He was hungry, Papa.” “He’s going to die.”(McCarthy 259). They finally take the thief’s clothes back and pile them in the middle of the road and I am glad of this. Later as they were lying down at camp I believe the man was starting to feel guilty, and he spoke “I wasnt going to kill him, he said.” “But the boy didnt answer.” “They rolled themselves in the blankets and lay there in the dark.” “He could tell the boy was awake and after a while the boy said: but we did kill him.”(McCarthy 260). When “the boy” made this comment I felt deep remorse and disgust in myself for having felt so harshly toward the thief in the beginning. I also felt happiness and relief in this story when “the man” and “the boy” found the underground shelter behind the house in the field, I felt as if I was there with them discovering the grand riches this den held! “Oh my God, he whispered.” “Oh my God.” “What is it

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