The Road Poem

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Two miles closer to the river, birds begin their flight back to their nest. The chilling breeze begins to die down, and the crickets start to chirp. An abandoned sail boat is tied around a tree. The ground is saturated from the winter storms, and mud stains appear among the trees. The sunlight can barely be seen through the canopy. Deep in the swamp, a loud “thwack” is heard echoing off of the cypress trees. Two young men, Daniel Glaze and Jim Puckett, have been boar hunting all evening. The duo let time slip away and are now hurrying to make it back before it is too late. While gathering sticks for a fire, Jim hollers to Daniel, “Hurry Daniel! Dusk is creeping up on us. If we can’t get that fire started soon, we are in for a rough night.…show more content…
The trees begin to sway back and forth bringing a bone-chilling breeze. The silence of the night is brought to an end. Jim begins to holler. “ Daniel! I hear the river! It can’t be no more than 100 yards West. We are almost there! Do you still have the lighter?” Daniel replies back, “ I do. If you are thinking what I am thinking, we could use it as a light!” Both begin to walk West. The flowing sound of the river intensifies. Finally, after twenty long minutes, the crew make it back to the bank. “Heck yeah! We’ve made it. All we need to do is find the boat.” Jim eagerly begins to look up and down the river. “ I think I see that ole abandoned sail boat! I remember parking just above it!” The duo decides to press down river towards the sail boat when out of nowhere Daniel gets close lined. “ What in the Sam hail just happened.” Daniel grasping for air. “ Way to go buddy, we have found the boat!” Jim said laughing. “ I guess we can now say that ‘when the going gets tough, the tough never give up.” Daniel responding back, “ Yeah! You are right. Ole Grandpa is definitely smiling down on us tonight. He would be proud. Let’s head
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