The Road The Story Of A Man And His Son

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In Cormac McCarthy’s The Road the story of a man and his son walking down a road in a post-apocalyptic world is told. McCarthy’s tale of the end of the world is set in a very realistic and dark setting while using depressing and miserable details about the world around the man and his son and the survivors that they come to encounter. Throughout the book, McCarthy writes about a “fire” that a man and his son are carrying, while they struggle with the notion that they are the “good guys” who are avoiding the “bad guys” in the world, all the while McCarthy leaves out somewhat important details like what caused the end of the world and what his two characters names are. McCarthy consistently writes about “fire” throughout the book, be it both literally and metaphorically. The literal need for fire is essential for the survival of the man and the boy, while the metaphorical “fire” is used as a symbol of wanting to survive this bleak, depressing world. To the boy and the man a real fire is needed to survive because McCarthy writes how it’s the beginning of winter and “The few blankets they had would not keep them warm” (McCarthy102). Whereas the metaphorical fire is the motivation to survive, while the man is dying he tells his son “You have to carry the fire…It’s real… It’s inside you I can see it” (McCarthy279). Fire is used to symbolize survival in both the literal and figurative way. Without the “fire” the man and the boy wouldn’t survive by either freezing to death or just…
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