The Road To Winter Analysis

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The Road to Winter - Topic 3

Mark Smith’s, The Road to Winter (2016), charts the narrative of Australian teenager, Finn, who has survived a virus that has wiped out the majority of his town. Finn is forced to survive, protecting himself from the violent gangs in the North on his own, following the death of his parents. With survival being the main theme of the novel, the characters in The Road to Winter exhibit their exceptional and awful capabilities when their survival is threatened. Despite characters living in seclusion, they will go to any means to protect their own survival. Furthermore, when Finn, Rose or Kas’ lives are threatened, alternate characters will rise to their assistance, completing formidable acts of bravery to save them. Finally, Ramage displays his awful capabilities, threatening others survival, if his own leadership is jeopardised.

With characters in the novel living in hiding as a result of the constant threat that the Wilder’s pose, they need to abandon their seclusion to protect their own lives, despite the possible fatalities. When Finn is first introduced in the novel, he is living a life of secrecy, demonstrated through his first encounter with Ray when Finn “was so shocked to hear another voice”. It is furthermore emphasised with the unexpected arrival of Rose, forcing Finn to come out of the shadows and stand up to the Wilders. When Finn is away from home looking for Kas, Rose must make her way to Ray’s house, where she is
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