The Road to Hell

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Case Summary
The case “Road to Hell” by Gareth Evans is a story that involved two characters with different backgrounds, personalities and points of view. John Baker, an English expatriate, is a successful western chief engineer in the Caribbean Bauxite Company of Barracania.

Baker thinks he has an edge in working in a foreign country because he was experience in understanding a regional staff’s psychology and knowing exactly how to get along with locals. Bakers has been working hard to prepare Matthew Rennalls, on the other hand, is a young engineer who represents the new generation of patriotic, well-educated Barracania’s professionals. His four years as a student at London University made him highly sensitive to political, racial
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His career development and his family background in political field might help the company in term of growth. Rennalls resignation might also create crisis communication within Barracanian and European which the Barracanian would think that the racism of European had caused the resignation of Rennalls. Therefore, the misunderstanding will continue to rise. Baker should also make another discussion or meeting with Rennalls before hiring him back. This step should be taken to explain the misunderstanding that happened and also to prevent another similar incident to happen again. However, the consultation is needed for Baker to build up a better communication skills before having a conversation with Rennalls again.

Long term – Create a Diverse and Peaceful Work Environment
The Caribbean Bauxite Company should organize the company in a diverse and fair working environment. Firstly, the company should evaluate the employees based on their performance but not their skin colour, culture and background. The company should give a chance to every employee that has high performance and high interpersonal skills without any bias. A diverse environment must be created by include people which from different culture and background. A consultation on communication skills to every employee also needed to improve the communication skills among them.

Long term – Hiring
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