The Road to Perdition

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1. Analyse how one or more scenes showed the complexity of a character or individual in a visual or oral text.

The Film ‘The Road To Perdition’, directed by Sam Mendes. Is a story where a father and his son travel across the wide and vast country named America. They are on the run from an unrelenting assassin. The film is set way back in the 1930’s America when the country was in the grip of immense gloominess. Embargo was still the law of the land and gangsters like Al Capone were at the height of their power. The audience is forced to plunge into this Underworld of crime as we follow the Sullivan’s on their journey to Perdition.

During one of the scenes, Mike senior Hug’s Mike Jnr at the end of the scene with a mid shot shows a
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This windscreen divider shows us the separation between both Michaels. It also helps us to understand how family and work are separate things in Sullivan’s life. This shows us a different type of complexity to what we see in other parts of the film because Michael Snr is not impressed at Michael Jnr for witnessing what he has done to these men.
In all the above examples Mendes has effectively used the layout of the shots to enable us to see that Sullivan is a distant, detached and remote man. This shows complexity as in other shots Mendes shows us a completely different man and in fact, a family man who cares for his family and would sacrifice anything for them. The complexity that Mendes shows of Michael Sullivan Snr is confusing as he is so brutally power Hungary when working for the Mafia and he shows such a soft caring side when around his
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