Essay on "The Road to Serfdom"

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The Value of value of human dignity in any society can never be emphasized enough, for this is recognized as a necessary condition for true advancement; and as such, every society must endeavor towards achieving this. We have seen in history how failing to observe this led many devastating outcomes. In his book "The Road to Serfdom," Hayek points out the value of limiting powers of the state, as past events such as the Nazi atrocities occurred only by the absence of this. Also, this helped in the rise of the totalitarian regime that almost wiped out an entire group of people. However, the most important thing to note is the significance of a strong constitution the absence of which can significantly blur the line between liberal regimes…show more content…
One way in particular that the authority can ensure that this power over all maintained, is by creating a system of differentiation amongst different groups; giving one group more significance than the other; as a way to gain unifying support from the preferred group. This is what we see with the totalitarian regime of the Nazi party, where the Jews were made out to be the inferior group. By successfully creating an enemy out of the Jews, Germans could now unify themselves in eliminating this common enemy. This according to Hayek is a necessary for a dictator in maintaining his power over the rest, meanwhile the rest are made to believe that their common hatred for Jews was necessary for the good of the whole. According to Hayek, “That the desire to organize social life according to a unitary plan itself springs largely from a desire for power. It is even more the outcome of the fact that, to achieve their end, collectivists must create power-power over men wielded by other men-of a magnitude never before know, and that their success will depend on the extent to which they achieve such power (165). Essentially, what is seen here is this relationship between unlimited state power over the individual and of
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