The Roanoke Colony On Roanoke Island

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The Roanoke Colony on Roanoke Island was an attempt by Queen Elizabeth I in the late 16th-century to make a permanent English settlement in the New World. In March 1584, Queen Elizabeth granted Sir Walter Raleigh a charter for the colonization of the area of North America. This charter said that Raleigh needed to create a colony in North America, or lose his right to colonization. In April 1584, Raleigh dispatched an expedition led by Philip Amadas and Arthur Barlowe to explore the Eastern coast of North America. They arrived on Roanoke Island on July 4 and soon established relations with the natives, the Secotans and Croatoans. Barlowe returned to England with two Croatans named Manteo and Wanchese, who were able to describe the politics…show more content…
In 1587, Raleigh sent a new group of 115 colonists to establish a colony on Chesapeake Bay. John White, a friend of Raleigh who had accompanied the previous expeditions to Roanoke, led them. White was later elected Governor and Raleigh named 12 assistants to aid in Roanoke 's settlement. They were ordered to travel to Roanoke first to gather Grenville 's men, but when they arrived in July 1587, they found nothing except a skeleton that may have been the remains of one of the English garrison. They were counting on these men to help with the new colony, but when they could find no one, they gave up hope of ever seeing Grenville 's men alive. The fleet 's commander, Simon Fernandez, insisted that they establish the new colony on Roanoke. White re-established relations with the Croatans and tried to establish friendly relations with the tribes Ralph Lane had battled the previous year. The hostile tribes refused to meet with him. Shortly thereafter, colonist George Howe was killed by an Indian while searching alone for crabs in Albemarle Sound. Fearing for their lives, the colonists persuaded Governor White to return to England to explain the colony 's desperate situation and ask for help. Left behind were about 115 colonists – the remaining men and women who had made the Atlantic crossing plus White 's newly born granddaughter Virginia Dare, the first English child born in the Americas.
White sailed for England in late 1587. Crossing the Atlantic

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