The Roaring 20 's Era Of Growth And Reform

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The era of the 1920s, also known as the Roaring 20’s, was a revolutionary time in which radical changes struck the American nation, drastically increasing advances in society and economy. New and different forms of dance, music, clothing, behavior, and lifestyle were developed nationwide. The Antebellum Period in the late 1700s increased rebellion, similar to the Roaring 20’s era of growth and reform. As this time period brought profound changes, conflict, cultural excitement, and experimentation, the population of America was experiencing an alteration in social values. The American pride, similar to the pride we had when separating from the British, was still alive as independence and freedom was strongly rebelled for. The Roaring 20’s depicted the growing independence of the American public as the promised result of cultural excitement with the usage of alcohol, experimentation with labor strikes, conflict over ones rights, and change in the prosperity of the nation, was much linked to and differed from the Temperance movement, Labor movement, Suffrage movement, and the Industrial Revolution. As lavish parties with flapper girls, jazz music, suited-up men, cigars, and alcohol were thrown during the era, cultural excitement was at its peak. The 1920’s was a highlighted era in which drinking was a social trend. Both, men and women drank in parties as they danced the night away. Liquor was handed out often and was the center of excitement. There were numerous clubs and party
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