The Roaring 20s Were A Prosperous Time For Many

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The Roaring 20s were a prosperous time for many. New inventions and ideas grew and many societies flourished, and the idea of the perfect American family was created, thus empowering people of different nationalities to go to America. In the United States, immigrants and citizens enjoyed going out to have fun. They could go to out to clubs, go listen to some jazz music or go dancing. This time period was all about new inventions and having fun but also there was a lot a separation of what class people were in. The upper class used all the new inventions and the lower class did not use any high technology inventions because they were poor. Immigrants usually were in the lower class or in the middle class depending on what kind of occupation they had. Immigration in the 1920s led to drastic changes in population. Immigration was very important because of international movement during World War 1 and World War 2. They were searching for new occupations so they looked overseas to find new opportunities,and to have a higher chance of finding a job. This caused immigration to happen all over the world which resulted in an increase in migration to the U.S. Immigration and employment paragraph(s): World War 1 and World War 2 made people want to immigrate to the United States for employment. After World War 1, people usually migrated to New York City or Boston because there were a lot of opportunities for factory employment though the reality was that factory work was dangerous.

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