The Roaring Twenties By Louise Brooks

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The Roaring Twenties fostered a split between America’s past and future. Prior to World War I, America remained rooted in the conservative nature of the nineteenth century. After the war ended, Americans broke away from their traditional habits and intellection as they transitioned into a modern era. The rapid social and economic change influenced innovation that caused people’s morals to deviate from their upbringing. Many people began to take bold moves that later influenced a decade full of cultural advancement and prosperity. Among the many influential figures of the 1920s, Louise Brooks became an icon of the decade. Brooks developed her fame as soon as she began her career, and her personality stood out among other women, and…show more content…
To support herself, Brooks opened a dance studio, and wrote books. At 78 years of age Brooks died from a heart attack on August 8, 1985. While Brooks built a name for herself in the film industry, she was also famous for her distinct personality.
Brooks’ became famous for popularizing the bobbed haircut while her daring personality differentiated her from other females. Her unique persona and her sleek dark bob initiated her reputation for being one of the wildest flappers of the decade. Though she became well known for starring as the lead in three films, unlike most women, she refused to accept the sexual and restrictives roles women had in America. She embraced the opportunity to go beyond society’s conformities in the Roaring Twenties because culture shifted and there was less social pressure to dress modestly. Harnessing this opportunity, Brooks experimented with her fashion sense having worn “pleated skirts, wide trousers, velvet blazers, deep cut evening dresses worn without a bra, furs, silk blouses with geometric prints and strings of pearls” (Young). While others may have perceived her bold fashion to be vulgar, she also was famous for her short hair. Brooks bob was one aspect of herself that represented her courage push the limits. At the time most women grew their hair out, but as more females kept up with their fast paced lives the ‘bob’ hair style popularized as less time was

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