`` The Robe `` : Is Evil Good Or Evil?

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We, as human beings, have certain beliefs, ideas, and principles that each and every one of us claim to be true. We also, however, have everything else that comes along with being man, to name a few, concupiscence, death, fear and anger, which we can sum up in the one word “evil”. We, as men, may have a tendency towards evil, but there is still hope, for we also have a desire to do good. Sometimes it is difficult though for a man to distinguish which is good and which is evil. For example, in light of the book The Robe, a man might justify his renouncing Christ as a means of saving his life. We, as Catholics, however, know that it would be a “good” to lose our life for the sake of Christ’s kingdom. Luke 9:24 says, “ For whoever want to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will save it.”We must have courage and trust in Christ to lose our life for Him, for it is no small thing to be a martyr for the sake of His Church. Here, on earth, we are bound by these evils and though we may be considered free, in the sense that we are not enslaved by men, we truly are enslaved by sin and all of the temptations that come with it. We will not be free of this enslavement until we experience true joy and freedom in Heaven, when we are finally in Christ’s presence. As His followers, however, we must spread His Word while we are on earth for the salvation of souls. It works like this: if I told my friend about Jesus, and she proceeded to tell her family and…

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