The Robert Courtney Case

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Running Head: RARE AND INHUMAN I. Health care is a cooperative endeavor between patients and health care professionals. These professionals are obliged to observe high professional standards in the care of patients (AHA, 2012). They are also bound by the obligation to exercise open communication. The very first in the Patient's Bill of Rights is the patient's right to considerate and respectful care (AHA). A pharmacist is a healthcare professional who has an enormous responsibility in dispensing medications that can either give or take lives (Elliott, 2002; Adams, 2002). This role was grossly violated in the case of Robert Courtney of Kansas City. He was convicted in 2002 of diluting and selling cancer drugs to customers at Research Medical Tower Pharmacy for nine years (Elliott, Adams). II Upon presentation of evidence against him in court, Courtney at first admitted to diluting anti-cancer drugs for 34 patients of a physician from November 2000 to May 2001 (Vivian, 2004). But later, as part of his plea bargain agreement, he admitted diluting 98,000 prescriptions of 400 physicians since 1992. A plea of guilty was entered by the federal district court according to federal sentencing guidelines. One of these considered that Courtney abused his position of trust and the use of a special skill. These exposed a considerable number of vulnerable patients to life-threatening injuries. These and Courtney's acceptance and guilty plea should have earned incarceration between
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