The Rock And Roll And Juvenile Delinquency

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1950’s Rock and Roll and Juvenile Delinquency
Zachary B. Sandefur
Texas State University

The 1950’s, a time of growth, a time of a technological advancement, a time of a new culture, this was America. Post WWII America was full of joy, full of ambition and overflowing talent that helped develop an amazing period in American history. One important outcome of this decade was the birth of Rock and Roll. Rock and Roll was new, it was hip, but it was also frowned upon by many of the adult population at this time. One particular effect that Rock and Roll was thought to be the blame for was the rise in juvenile delinquency. History shows that there was an enormous spike in delinquency during the 50’s. With the assumption that Rock was to blame makes one wonder how rock was correlated to the increase in juvenile delinquency, and why would one come to this conclusion? To understand the main effect of rock on delinquency one needs to observe the rejuvenated culture of the 1950’s, know what defined a juvenile delinquent in this period, what crimes were being committed by the youth, the political aspect against rock, and the influences that rock had on the youth culture in the 1950’s.
1950’s American Culture
America in the 1950’s can be seen as a new beginning to a bad dream. With America escaping from the depression in the 30’s and WWII in the 40’s, the 1950’s looked as if a light at the end of a dark tunnel. This new era introduced a time where the American citizens
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