The Rock-n-Bands Case Analysis: Identifying the Simulating Issues

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The Rock-n-Bands Case Analysis Identifying simulating issues In the project analysis of Rock-n-Bands simulation, the task is to design a project which will coordinate a music festival. However, the project has some interference such as limited resource and short periods of time. The entire project has to go on for a maximum of ten weeks, with a limited number of five workers every week. Many aspects of the project have to be considered, but the fundamental aspects include; abstaining from any delays. In case of delays, our company's reputation will be at stake and this may lead to mistrusts in future. There is also a penalty of $2000 for any extra week taken. Also, not more than five workers can be used in a week to avoid spending more funds for the project, hence maximize our profits. In case more workers are used, then our company will lose up to $300 every week. The people are also not supposed to work at the same time, as this will increase expenses by about $100 every week Lessons from the Rock-n-Band Case Analysis Many lessons from the case reflect on the issues of time management and revision of planning procedures. The lessons are discussed in detailed in the proceeding paragraphs. Using time wisely Time is one of the most precious resources when doing a project. Managing and budgeting time has proven to be one of the trickiest processes of managing projects. In the case of Rock-n-Band, time is a major factor because limits have been specified by the

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