The Rocket Man Analysis

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In the short story, The Rocket Man, an adaptation of The Illustrated Man, the author Ray Bradbury describes the life of an astronaut who is torn between living an ordinary life with his family and traveling through space on a rocket ship. The story, written in 1951, is based around how the father’s space travel affects his son, Doug, and the father’s relationship with his wife. The Rocket Man was written during the modern and contemporary periods of literature, a time when science fiction, new technology, and realism was forthcoming. During the 1950’s, the United States began its space program, and space travel was quickly becoming a reality. The Rocket Man was influenced by this time period in history and literature, and the story describes a futuristic place where technology is highly advanced and humans are capable of fast space travel to different planets throughout our solar system. Within the reading, the author relays themes of displeasure and unhappiness with life and the problems of a dysfunctional family. In developing these themes, Bradbury incorporates literary techniques such as first person point of view, symbolism, and plot elements like conflict and irony. Through these story elements, the author is able to develop the theme and provide the reader better insight into the story meaning and the minds of all the characters. First, the author writes the selection from the viewpoint of Doug via first person point of view. Throughout the reading, the author
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