The Rocking Horse Winner Analytical Essay

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Everyone Has a Secret That Controls The Inside

By: Anna DeWitt

Decatur High School

Living behind a façade in life can bring complications to those who value things in life. “The Rocking-Horse Winner” by D.H. Lawrence is a symbolic short story that represents the idea that the more one’s values lie with material goods the less one is able to connect with reality or the intangible tenets of life. This perspective is supported throughout the story by the direct characterization of Hester and Paul, the use of personification and similes and in the rising action to the conclusion’s gradual release of detail.
D.H. Lawrence accomplishes the theme by using dramatic relationships with the characters, Paul and
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The yearning desire for wealth changed Paul’s character, making him a round character by the changes shown through his eyes in, “his eyes had a strange glare in them…” (298). Paul gained his wealth by predicting the names of winning horses by riding on his rocking horse, his uncle would take him to horse derby’s where he would place high wages to earn money for love. Money cannot buy love nor happiness as shown in, “Quite moderately nice” (304) Paul’s mother said in a voice so cold and absent it made him strive for more. Paul’s greatest conflict is against himself, because he allows pressure from his mother and society to drive him into a yearning for money and social status, the outcome of this conflict resulted in his death.
The author uses symbolism to show the burning desire of acceptance in the higher-class and how it changed Paul’s outlook on life. The rocking horse is an object Paul revolves his dependence on. It is a symbol for his family desires, as a rocking horse has no end to its rocking, similar to his family’s cycle of materialism; there is no end to their quest of monetary gain of status in society and wealth as said in, “My family has been a gambling family…” (305). The mother’s family has a past of gamblers and money cravers. Paul’s increasing obsession for acceptance is shown through his eyes in, “his eyes were blue fire”, “flushed and with eyes blazing, was curiously

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