The Rocking Horse Winner By D. H. Lawrence

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In “The Rocking-Horse Winner,” D. H. Lawrence divulges into the exploration of how greed and social status can affect individuals and to those who are significant to them. A social statue to an individual signifies their interpretation of where they belong in society. It may vary between politics, influence on the community, wealth, and even power. If looked from a broad perspective, what they all have in common is the greed to have more, similar to the mother who supposedly married for love. Greed can be both positive and negative, but it all depends on its usage whether its for the benefit of everyone or just for themselves.

The narrative begins off with a background on the mother who supposedly had everything a woman could have in the early 1900’s. She had “started with all [of] the advantages,” a beautiful appearance, a handsome husband, three children, a pleasant house with a garden and servants, almost making this family feel superior above everyone else (150). Everyone had praised the mother saying how she adores her children, when in reality both the mother and children knew that was not true. The children looked at the mother with distaste, almost as if they were “finding faults” with her personality (150). By creating an atmosphere of tension between the family members, Lawrence’s tone towards the mother creates a sense of foreshadowing that will involve herself and the children. The children did not like their own mother for it was as if they knew this would…
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